Mrs. Beeton SJ Alexander lives in Seattle, Washington and has been interested in Victorian England, cooking, and general domesticity since she became voting age. Her goal in founding this blog was to merge these interests with some like-minded people and to learn something new.

SJ will be cooking a Victorian dinner at least weekly, using recipes from Mrs. Beeton’s Guide to Household Management. You can follow her menus on this list which will be updated monthly or as needed.

SJ also keeps chickens, gardens, and tries with varying success to teach her children how to do useful household tasks. She has kept a personal blog at I, Asshole since 2001.

Personal and blog-related queries:

Amelia: I cook and clean daily. I enjoy the Merchant/Ivory oeuvre far too much. This text is here to space things correctly. If you can see this, you win a shiny gold star. This text is here to space things correctly. If you can see this, you win a shiny gold star. This text is here to space things correctly. If you can see this, you win a shiny gold star. This text is here to space things correctly. If you can see this, you win a shiny gold star.

Faythe: I work at a local non-profit animal shelter and I currently live in Spokane, Washington. As a child, my favorite books were mysteries which means that now I have an unnatural love for anything Sherlock Holmes–If I could pick one fictional character to have a relationship with, it’d be him.

I also love Victorian English style tea (I collect teapots and love baking scones and making finger sandwiches) and am an avid knitter. Most of my writing on TQS will focus on what it’s like to knit from patterns from this era, with some history about knitting thrown in.

Personal Blog: The Amateur Malcontent

The Governess is an English Professor whose fields of study never included the Victorian era. She is, however, a keen cook and student of cultural history, so she is looking forward to learning more about Victorian food, food culture and manners.

As is appropriate for an upper-level servant, her writing will probably focus more on society and manners than on food preparation, although, as a thoroughly accomplished woman, she is more than capable of producing dainty comestibles on occasion.

The Governess’s hobbies include knitting, needlework, reading and torturing her students, which latter happens to be a happy perk of her day job. She blogs about her experiences in and out of the classroom at What Ladder?

Correspondence, including, but not limited to, nitpicking historical facts in her posts should be directed to: 

Hope V. lives in Baltimore, Maryland, has a completely useless degree in History and a love of all things equestrian. She is attempting to combine those interests here by delving into all aspects of Victorian era horse(wo)manship.

Assisting her in the task is Cinder- a Clydesdale/Paint horse rescued at age 2 from the PMU industry. Hope did not ask Cinder if she wanted to help, but seeing as Cinder plays in a field all day while Hope pays for her food and lodging, we figured it was the least she could do.
Since the nature of masculine elements of horseback riding, or riding ‘astride’, have changed relatively little since Victorian times, Hope will be concentrating on the art of riding ‘aside’, as well as Victorian methods of horse care.

Personal Blog: Eco-ing Myself

Kerewin: Late 30s Seattle-ite looking for a place where food, wine, feminism and social context all fit together. I don’t know much about the Victorian era but my favorite thing is cooking complex or detailed food. If I can spend a weekend prepping and cooking food that makes people happy, I am content. Since the Victorian Era was a period of extravagant entertaining I can find a lot to pique my interest.

Personal Blog: Kerewin’s Whine Cellar

LaurieB: I never recognize myself in these, but here goes… I’m a mother, a counselor, a food-obsessed writer, a non-stop reader, a wife, a class-issues junkie, a music fanatic, an unashamed TV-watcher, and a very amateur photographer.  I’ll be drawing on at least six of those roles while writing for TQS; more if you feel you need a little counseling to go with your gravy.

Personal Blog: 13Directions’s Weblog

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The Under Gardener has a passionate and life-long interest in growing strange and unusual vegetables, making things from scratch, old gardening ephemera and the history of gardening.  The Victorian period saw the advent of modern production gardening and enormous country estates were famed for their bounty.  In many ways the kitchen garden was the engine of the estate supplying ‘the big house’ with all the produce that the master and mistress required for food and decoration.

During the Victorian period my mother’s family were orchardists – my family joke that I’m the only one who inherited the orchardists gene – and my interest in growing and preserving food.  I would like to rediscover the skills my great-grandmother used in running her farm and kitchen, supplying all that her family required from herbs and vegetable crop.  No corner shops in the newly settled hills outside Melbourne in the 1860′s.

Personal Blog: The Backyard Farmer’s Blog