Hello Sculleryteers

Hello Sculleryteers

Hi! So as the year is rapidly drawing to a close, we are trying to figure out how to have some kind of grand finale. If you have anything you would like to hear or see from us, please let us know.

3 Responses to “Hello Sculleryteers”

  • I think you should have all of us Seattlites over for dinner.

  • HEH! Okay, duly noted. I am considering an open house for when I roast a suckling pig.

  • You and I aren’t one. Hmmm. Yeah, that’s true on the ego/personality level, but the more I focus on our ONENESS in spirit the more of an easy flow there is in my retsoilnahip. I always try to remember to look just beyond his physical being and picture a light that is his true self. I focus on how the light of his true self merges and is indistinguishable from the light of my true self. How can there be any division of light? Whenever I do this I don’t have to say anything and we both start to feel very bonded in a healthy way, not in a clingy needy way. All our tension melts away, he becomes very receptive to whatever I have to say, I become very receptive to whatever he has to say, we end up laughing a lot, problems get solved easily and the love just keeps growing between us. So I would change #5 to: You and I are ONE just as we are also ONE with everyone else. Nothing but ONENESS exists. That’s REAL LOVE.

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