My Victorian Money Bag Is Finally Done!

My Victorian Money Bag Is Finally Done!

So remember that money bag I started a while ago? I finally finished it! It’s supposed to have a simple ring inserted around it, but I didn’t happen to have any that weren’t gold (my mom prefers silver), save for this skull ring I got for Halloween a few years ago. My mom isn’t into the skulls, so I only put it on the bag so everyone could see what it should look like all finished. When I send it to my mom it’ll have a plain silver ring in the same spot, plus a little silver button ornament for the bottom of the bag.

Finished Money Bag. The Skull is the size of a quarter.

For my next project, my package from the completely awesome Undergardener arrived just in time. She had mentioned that she had some laceweight wool she had spun up, but had no use for and offered to send it to me. I, of course jumped at the offer, and when I opened up my package and saw this, I was super excited!

Handspun laceweight wool. Quarter included for scale.

This yarn is the perfect size AND color for making some lace edging. I plan on buying a plain handkerchief, knitting up just the right length of edging I need, and then hand sew the edging onto the hanky. Then, when I send it to my mom I can include some smelling salts so she can daintily use it to revive herself after she dramatically faints onto her couch from the shock of reading about my latest crazy exploits on my blog!

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